Racing at Sir Sam's

Fenninger Racing is an Alpine Ontario and Alpine Canada sanctioned Ski Race Club running out of Sir Sam's.

Fenninger Racing organizes and runs race training programs. These programs are created for athletes that already have the ability to control their speed and direction. The programs are designed for both people who are experienced racers as well as people who are looking to learn to race. Fenninger Racing provides a safe environment to learn and train to race. We employ CSCF licensed coaches with previous experience in racing. This ensures that all our coaches are professionally trained and have real experience that can help translate into better coaching.

The focus of Fenninger Racing is to grow the ski race community in Haliburton by offering more programs with better coaching. The goal is not only to bring more people to the community by running events and races but also enhance the skill level of racers currently training in the area.

For more information on the programs we are running at Sir Sam's please visit our program pages.

Please note there is a registration requirement for all racers. All of our athletes and coaches must be insured. Any racer who has an active National Points card meets the insurance requirements.
Any racers who do not currently possess an active National Points card must register as an active competitive member of Alpine Canada.

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If you are over 18 and planning to train only, or will race in no more than one race weekend, the Masters Weekend Pass ($115) is a great option. If you are planning to participate in multiple races, the Master's National Card is your best option.

These fees are paid by credit card online directly to Alpine Ontario. This fee is mandatory and required for anyone who registers for a program. This covers the insurance of each athlete participating in training.

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